Director's Message

Professional development is an investment,
and educational opportunities like MARS can make a lasting impact on your career.
MARS provides the pathway to develop your skills as a photographer,
improve your skills as a businessperson,
and immerse yourself in the company of other photographers and industry leaders.

Those that have never attended MARS don't really know what they are missing.
It's like no other photographic event in the country.
For those that have attended before, they know there is always something new to learn,
and always room to grow, especially in an ever-changing industry like photography.

MARS is a place to be inspired and rekindle your passion for photography.
But MARS reaches beyond the education,
and will help foster lasting relationships with others in the industry.
This source of friendship, support and knowledge is priceless.


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Mid-Atlantic Regional School of Professional Photography
a PPA Community Network School for continuing education in all aspects of photography