Chris Paulis

"Using Photoshop to Restore Damaged Photographs"

In this introductory workshop on photographic restoration, participants will explore and practice key concepts and techniques, including: how to create the best digital file from a print original; how to eliminate stains and discoloration in monochromatic originals; how to correct simple and complex damage (cracks, tears, and spots); how to even out uneven tones; how to quickly eliminate widespread dust and fine scratches; how to rebuild depth, texture, and detail; along with other techniques. You'll even be able to fix one of your own damaged pictures! The teaching approach will include explanation, demonstration, guided practice, and reflection on the technique. Participants should have a working knowledge of Photoshop, and be prepared to use it. While some concepts are above beginner level, all participants should be able to follow and build upon what they know and can do. The pace will be comfortable, with much conversation and collaboration.

You'll learn how to -
  • create the best digital original from damaged originals
  • use adjustment layers in Photoshop (PS) to improve contrast and exposure, and to eliminate stains
  • repair simple damage using various PS tools.
  • quickly eliminate dust and scratches
  • add depth by enhancing highlights and shadows with a History brush.
  • rebuild texture and detail, using PS filters, masks, and other tools.
  • tricks, tips and techniques to make you a better artist.

Students should bring:
  • laptop with updated Photoshop
  • chargers
  • power cords
  • Wacom or other kind of tablet with with stylus and drivers installed
  • Images that they would like to restore (optional)
  • Questions on Photoshop usage, restoration, and retouching

class level - ALL
(but you must know how to use your computer,
and have a working knowledge of Photoshop, including how to make layers and masks)

ALL-INCLUSIVE price...ONLY $1,599

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