For scholarship assistance, you MUST complete the online application for the Scholarship you seek. Certain scholarships have selection criteria, and not all scholarships may be awarded if there are not enough or no qualifying applicants. Please click on each scholarship name to review the information required for that particular scholarship, to fill out the online application, and submit.
Individuals can apply for more than one scholarship (if they qualify), but an individual may only receive one scholarship.

MARS Scholarships awarded or won (either through MARS or other Affiliate), and/or discounts garnered through MARS (early registration, sales or specials), may not be combined.
You may however, combine other affiliate scholarships (PPA, State organizations, etc), with any MARS scholarships. The Affiliate Scholarship will be applied first, then any MARS scholarship applied, with a total maximum amount not to exceed the current school tuition for double occupancy. MARS Scholarships cannot be used to pay for single room upgrades, add'l persons, meals or other programming or functions. If by chance, you have won or received multiple MARS scholarships to the upcoming session of the school, you can apply the hghest value of any one toward full tuition for the upcoming year. NOTE - This does NOT apply to Alumni Rewards . We encourage anyone attending, who has attended in the past, to recruit, and bring, up to 15 first time students with them to the upcoming session. The recruiter will STILL receive $100 CASH for each one. See more about the ALUMNI REWARD PROGRAM .

DEADLINE for ALL Scholarships (EXCEPT the Milt Techner) is JANUARY 1. Recipients will be notified by JANUARY 31, to allow for easy monthly payment plan.

NOTE- applications for this scholarship will no longer be taken during the schoolweek. Application MUST be done online and submitted before the deadline.
Recipient will be announced at the Wrap Party Awards Banquet during the upcoming schoolweek.

Read the GENERAL SCHOLARSHIP RULES before applying

The Robert F. Young Jr. Memorial Scholarship
The most comprehensive scholarship offered through the school, this is a FULLY PAID tuition to the upcoming MARS schoolweek. It includes the class of your choice, all scheduled meals, PLUS a PRIVATE ROOM upgrade.

The Milt Techner Memorial Scholarship
This is a FULLY PAID tuition scholarship for the following year of MARS, not the upcoming session. It includes the class of your choice, double occupancy room, and all scheduled meals.
NOTE - in order to qualify, you must attend the school the year the award is presented.

MARS/PPA co-funded $500 Scholarships
Up to TWO individual $500 Scholarships may be offered to the upcoming MARS schoolweek.

MARS $350 Scholarships
Several scholarships in the amount of $350 may be awarded to selected applicants.

MARS $250 Solidarity Scholarships
One scholarship is given by MARS to a member of each of the Mid-Atlantic States' PPA Affiliates, and Washington, DC. Please talk to your state association leader for your advocacy in possibly receiving this award, and have them fill out the application.

Mid-Atlantic Regional School of Professional Photography
a PPA Affiliate school for continuing education in all aspects of photography