2019 Instructors
Learn more about the talented instructors for MARS 2019.
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  • DAVID AKOUBIAN - NATURE - "Capturing the Wild!" - (all levels)
    From close up and macro, to long-range birds in flight, you'll learn techniques to improve your images of scenery and wildlife by selecting the proper lens and camera settings to achieve the the best results. David will discuss how to create successful images using light, lens selection, angle of view and arranging image elements. If you are into nature photography, or you've ever considered nature photography as a means for income, this is a class you don't want to miss. Read more...
    Sponsored by Tamron
  • ELLEN DENUTO - PHOTO ART - "Find your Voice" - (all levels)
    Beauty surrounds us and everything has a story waiting to be told. Ellen will get you thinking, and seeing, the world around you, where ordinary things become extraordinary. Detach, unplug and simply be present to feel the raw power of the world we live in. From nudes to the avant-garde, you'll learn to understand light and how to create dramatic images, but also how to welcome serendipitous and unexpected mistakes. This class will help you 'find your voice' to illustrate your vision and narrate your own story. Read more...
  • JUDY HOST - GET STARTED - "Beyond Just Basics" - (advanced beginner - intermediate)
    Simplicity is the name of the game. Armed with just your camera and a little bit of technical knowledge, you'll create stunning images. This is the perfect class to help you understand your camera, and empower you to create beautiful imagery using only available light. Explore the interaction of camera dynamics, lens perspective and important elements of light quality to create soulful imagery, then finish with a creative workflow. By weeks end, you'll feel confident to photograph anywhere and any time of day. Read more...
  • KEVIN JAIRAJ & ALYCIA ALVAREZ - RINGS to RATTLES, & TASSLES TOO! - "Wedding, Babies, Seniors and more!" - (all levels)
    Unlike most courses focused on one type of photography, this hands-on, "two-for-one" class will focus on the entire 'life' spectrum. You'll learn lighting setups (strobe, reflectors, studio, video light & natural light), posing techniques, studio workflow and marketing. You'll learn to define your niche, and create special products and services that will set you apart from the competition. Whether you specialize in weddings or portraits, you'll come away inspired with new and exciting ideas to grow your business. Don't miss out. Read more...
  • TIM KELLY - PORTRAITURE - "Classic Fine Art" - (intermediate - advanced)
    In this "hands-on" class, you'll learn how to turn everyday studio portraits into a higher artistic achievement through posing principles and practice, lighting and refinement, to create dynamic composition and interest to the image without excessive digital art. You'll learn marketing strategies, sales principles and operating policies that assure getting the right kind of clientele. This is a rare opportunity to work intimately with this master artist, who has helped and guided many of today's top image makers to create their finest work. Read more...
  • EDDIE TAPP - LIGHT, PIXEL, PRINT - "Be More Creative, Productive and Excited" - (advanced)
    Join the legendary Eddie Tapp, as he guides you on a creative sojourn in this visionary class that will encompass the study of spontaneous light -- how to find it, how to use it, how to create it. The unique journey will challenge you to be more innovative, productive and excited by adding commercial and life style directives to your arsenal of tricks. Intense and outside the box, this class will show you how to stay relavent in this changing world we live in. Read more...
    Sponsored in part by Canon

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