PORTRAITURE - "Maternity & Newborn"

Ana Brandt Ana Brandt Ana Brandt Ana Brandt

One of the most recognizable names in the business, ANA BRANDT is truly inspirational.. ANA will share with you her knowledge so you can learn to create heartwarming portraits your clients cannot live without. Don't miss this class, and your opportunity to study with ANA BRANDT.


Ana Brandt
Ana was the first photographer in the world to design, create and market Maternity gowns to the Photography Industry. She revolutionized the Maternity Photographer industry by setting the design standard for Maternity gowns and use of fabrics for client sessions. Ana has worked with celebrities such as Alicia Silverstone, Jessica Rey, Kobe Bryant and many others. Her youtube channel has over 51 million views and over 196,000 subscribers. Her instagram channel has reached over 200,000 followers. Ana has been a global educator for over 12 years.

VOLUME EVENTS - "Sports, Dance, Golf, Cheerleading, you name it "

Jeff Gump Jeff Gump Jeff Gump Jeff Gump Jeff Gump

The definitive name in Volume Event Photography, JEFF GUMP has made a multimillion dollar busineess with this type of photography.. JEFF will share with you his secrets, tips, tricks, and marketing prowess so you can create the kind of business that generates big bucks. Don't miss your opportunity to study with JEFF GUMP. Register now


Jeff Gump
Jeff has been sharing his experience with photographers throughout the country for more than 25 years. Groups like SYNC, SPAC, SPAA, PPA, regional and state associations have called on Jeff to share his vision for High School and Youth sports photography. As a sports and event photographer, Jeff has had the opportunity to photograph for the National Football League, Professional Golf Association, and many other professional sports organizations. Even though his professional sports opportunities have helped shaped his career, Jeff's passion has always been photographing high school and youth sports, as well as corporate and social events.

PORTRAITURE - "Posing, Lighting, Composition & more"

Kelly and Kalina Schneider Kelly and Kalina Schneider Kelly and Kalina Schneider Kelly and Kalina Schneider Kelly and Kalina Schneider

This amazing class with KELLY and KALINA SCHNEIDER will be an 'aha' moment for ANYONE who does portrait work. For this Master Class, KELLY and KALINA will go through each critical element that when added together, results in truly consistent, and powerful portraits. From the foundational elements, to critical lighting requirements to the final post processing, "Icing on the cake", this course, developed as a progressive learning environment, will achieve what can takes months, if not years, in other educational courses. DO NOT MISS IT.


Kelly and Kalina Schneider
Kelly served in the Navy for 29 years. During his US Navy travels all over the world including 137 countries, he became aware of his passion for photography and "capturing" the life around him. In 2010, Kelly began his pursuit of professional portraiture and growing and developing his skills in creating "salient" portraits. In 2012, Kelly and Kalina (also a gifted photographer and active PPA member), started the family photography business focusing on weddings and portraiture/Boudoir. Kelly and Kalina's business now focuses primarily on Boudoir and Fine Art portraiture. Kelly is currently writing his first book on "The Salient Portrait - the science behind it and how to achieve it" Kelly has been published in various magazines and recognized as one of the top portrait photographers in the USA by WPE and MPI. Both Kelly and Kalina are passionate about teaching others.

ENVIRONMENTAL - "Finding the Right Place at the Right Moment"

Ken Sklute Ken Sklute Ken Sklute Ken Sklute

KEN SKLUTE has designed a full week of learning for those who would like to raise their personal bar in photography. KEN will show you the methods that have made him an award-winning image maker for over 4 decades. KEN'S creativity, and eye for detail have made him one of the best in the business. Your time with KEN will combine lessons in the classroom and in the field, that will include sunrise, sunset and one nighttime shoot during your insight week of learning.


Ken Sklute
Ken Sklute spends much of his time photographing, teaching and lecturing both Nationally and Internationally. Ken has enjoyed a diverse career photographing people, nighttime skiies, landscapes, professional sports, architecture and weddings. Ken is proud to be or have been one of Canon's Explorers of Light, an Adobe Influencer, an FStopGear Global Icon, an Epson Mentor, a Kodak Mentor, a Delkin ImageMaker, a Datacolor Expert and a NIK Friends with Vision member. Some of Ken's clients have been the National Hot Rod Association, U.S. Army, Sports Illustrated, N.Y.Times Magazine, Oakley, Associated Press, National Dragster, Epson, Kodak, Newsday, as well as most of the photographic industry trade magazines. Ken resides in Phoenix, Arizona where he loves photographing the Southwest landscape, hot air balloons and the beauty of the dessert at night.

PORTRAITURE - "Evocative Illustrative"
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Jonathan Thorpe Jonathan Thorpe Jonathan Thorpe Jonathan Thorpe

JONATHAN THORPE will bring new light to your portrait making skills and creativity. This class will show you the technical skills necessary to light and direct a narrative story to capture a portrait that evokes emotion, all while maintaining a level of verisimilitude. If you are looking for a booster shot and creative spark, this class will take your portraiture from ho-hum to oh-wow.


Jonathan Thorpe
Since switching to photography in 2008 from a profession in optometry, Jonathan Thorpe shoots full-time nationally and local to his home in Washington D.C. He is currently a Tamron Image Master, Westcott Top Pro, and Holdfast Gear Ambassador and is represented by Wonderful Machine in Philadelphia. Alongside his photography, Jonathan teaches and lectures around the world helping other photographers grow confident in their careers and forays into photography. When not shooting, Jonathan enjoys building and riding his motorcycle, skating with his friends, and doing personal projects to keep his creativity sharp.

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