2018 Instructors
Learn more about the talented instructors for MARS 2018.
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  • Michele Celentano - Family Portraiture - "Everything You Need to Know" - (all levels)
    Sponsored by Canon
    With her infectious persona, and easy style, the dynamo that is Michele Celentano will explain it all. This is a must attend class for anyone looking to learn the best techniques of posing and lighting to create dynamic family portraits.
  • Tony Corbell - Creative Lighting - "Between Light and Shadow" - (advanced)
    This class will make you understand the dynamics of light in creating a portrait like no other. If you are a portrait photographer of any kind, this is a must attend class. This is your chance to learn from the legendary Tony Corbell!
  • Rick Ferro - Beyond the Basics - "Creating a New Level to Your Photography!" - (all levels)
    A veteran in the business, the ultra talented Rick Ferro will bring you beyond the essentials to help you create dynamic images. If you are ready to spread your wings and 'take it to the next level', this is definitely the class for you.
  • Marilyn Sholin - Digital - "Corel Painter and Beyond" - (beginner - intermediate)
    Taking your photography in a different direction, Marilyn Sholin will instruct you on creating painterly images for fun and profit. This digitally intense class will "channel the inner van Gogh" in all that attend. This will be a totally fun and awesome class!
  • Tony Sweet - Enviro-Art - "Creative Techniques in Visual Artistry" - (all levels)
    Creating stunning images of naturescapes is always a crowd pleaser. And a week of intense study with Tony Sweet is just the ticket to inspire you to think outside the box. This class will not disappoint. You'll be creating 'art prints' in no time!
  • Damon Tucci - Weddings - "Visual Pimping" - (all levels)
    Sponsored in part by Millers
    Your wedding photography will never be the same. Internationally acclaimed photographer, Damon Tucci, will get you grooving on making memorable images that will get you jobs. If you want to get tricked out, and become a sought after wedding photographer, this is your class.
  • Martin Tremarco and John Pacetti - Photo 101 - "The Basics for Better Pictures" - (beginners)
    This basic educational experience is geared toward novices, camera club members, hobbyists, & anyone that "just loves to take pictures". Marty & John will teach you how to improve your skills, and build a foundation of photographic fundamentals to help you create better images!

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