Pre-Con Early Bird Programs

SUNDAY, MAY 1, 2022
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
PORTRAITS SIMPLIFIED: "Walk-Around Portraiture with Real People"
with JAY CATHELL and ERICA BECK assisting
FREE to ALL REGISTERED STUDENTS ($59 to non-students)

Cathell images

This exciting class will actively walk around the area, inside and out, to explore and observe locations that work for casual portraiture. The goal will be to show you what to look for when creating any image on location.
But is it that simple?
In this active mini-program, you'll learn to set up a shot and see what you have or what you may not have (but need), to make a dynamic image. What is the client or model wearing? How does it blend with the setting? Does your image tell a story? Does it provoke thought? Would you be able to 'name' your image? You'll learn to recognize where the subject, or focal point, works best within your composition. You'll learn to look for color palettes, distractions, the best light, and more. And you'll capture a few images along the way to improve your eye and make those images that have impact.

You'll need your camera, lens of your choice, flash trigger (if using Godox you can fire my flash). We will have reflector, scrim and gray card. Bring your light meter if you have one. (do you know how to calibrate it?)

Jay Cathell and Erica Beck
Jay Cathell is a Certified Professional Photographer, PPA member and Maryland Professional Photographer Board at Large member. He specializes in conceptual photography with everyday people, as well as attending events whenever possible to get competition worthy images. Jay hones his portraiture skills by entering professional print competitions in various PPA affiliates, the Southeast regional and International Print Competitions. He views the whole world as a photograph and goes about looking for the angle and the light to capture his image. Assisting Jay is Erica Beck. Erica is a Certified Professional Photographer, PPA member and a Maryland Professional Photographer member doing wedding and portrait photography in Southern Delaware. She enjoys, maternity, boudoir and children portraiture


SUNDAY, MAY 1, 2022
12:30 pm - 2:30 pm
NATURE Photography: "Birds to Butterflies"
brought to you in part by TAMRON
FREE to ALL REGISTERED STUDENTS ($59 to non-students)

Ken Hubbard images

It's a big world out there, and I want to help you capture it! Join professional photographer Ken Hubbard as he presents an informative and fun seminar on capturing great nature images. Whether you enjoy photographing the small world of bugs and butterflies, massive grizzly bears or birds in flight, this seminar is for you. Ken will go over many different techniques that will help you capture the types of images you are striving for. He will also go over proper camera settings, composition, looking for the good light and much more.

Ken Hubbard
Ken is the Field Services Manager and lead instructor for Tamron USA who has had nationwide gallery showings of his portrait and landscape photography. Ken turned his lens toward the American landscape, traveling extensively throughout the United States. Though he had never confined his photography to one genre, it was during this time that he realized the expressive potential and beauty of landscape photography. The results were a consistent output of breathtaking photographs that continually challenged the boundaries of the genre; a snow-covered buffalo staring ominously out of the frame, surreal rock forms in Joshua National Park that appear as if out of a sci-fi film, innumerable variations in light spilling through the depths of Antelope Canyon...Ken had found his calling

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