MARS offers more great programming to those who attend the school. Take advantage and sign up for limited seating in one of the special bonus courses being offered. You'll note on the weeklong schedule , we've moved these back to later in the morning so more of you can take advantage!
Read more about the pre-con classes HERE

These courses are FREE with enrollment in a full-week course!
Even those not registered for the school can take advantage of this learning opportunity by enrolling for $59 per class. Whether you are attending the school as a student, or coming in just for these mini sessions, you must contact the registrar or register here to sign up and pay in advance.

If you are interested in coming in the day before, please be advised that MARS has no control over room availability outside of our week-long block. You must contact the hotel yourself to check out any availability. Ask for Sher, and tell her you are attending the MARS week, and would like to get a room for Saturday. Be advised they have a large group before us, sell out early, and rooms may not be available.
If you are lucky enough to score a room, it is at the hotel's discretion of placement, and may not be the room you are assigned during the MARS week.
MARS will not be responsible, nor coordinate, any stay before Sunday, or after Thursday night (Friday morning).

Mid-Atlantic Regional School of Professional Photography
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