Rosalind Guder

B.L.A.M.!!tm Breathtaking Luminous Artistic Masterpieces

This class will teach you how to create the most dramatic images by using precision lighting to sculpt your subjects for the most coveted, dramatic looks. You'll start by demystifying the light meter - how it works, how to calibrate it, and how to use it. You'll learn lighting techniques, starting with a single light, and learn the difference each additional light makes. You'll learn precision, layered-lighting techniques and setups, so you can tame the lighting beast and become its Master! This class takes away your fear of working with models. You'll learn to pose your subject, by "feeling" the pose in you, so you can direct your model into it. After the perfect capture, how do you add impact to your images?Rosalind will show you advanced Photoshop techniques, like channel masking, swapping backgrounds and more, to isolate the true subject for an unmistakable look. Harness your ability to create award winning images!

You'll learn to -
  • tame the lighting beast using your light meter to achieve precision, layered lighting.
  • confidently pose your model for eye-catching and award-winning portraits.
  • design and implement multiple lighting designs for different looks -- quickly and easily.
  • use lighting to sculpt the body so that a 2-D image pops off the page!
  • save time through efficient and effective workflow.
  • post process using advanced Photoshop editing.
  • harness the power of AI for instant drama.

Students should bring:
  • light meter
  • camera
  • transmitter / trigger
  • lenses
  • laptop with Adobe Photoshop
  • wacom tablet
  • cell phone to capture lighting design snapshots
  • Note-taking materials

class level - ALL
ALL-INCLUSIVE price...ONLY $1,599

Mid-Atlantic Regional School of Professional Photography
a PPA Community Network School for continuing education in all aspects of photography