Alumni Rewards Program


ELIGIBILITY: All previous students at MARS are members of the MARS Alumni and eligible for this Rewards Program. Attendance at the MARS 2023 session is required of Alumni Sponsors to be eligible for cash back rewards. (Some restrictions apply, see below.)

ALUMNI REWARDS and QUALIFICATIONS: Each Alumnus who is responsible for recruiting a First-Timer to the MARS 2023 session will be deemed a Sponsor and will qualify for a $100 Reward for each First-Timer recruited.

To qualify, the Alumni Recruiter must be responsible for having the First-Timer contact the Registrar at They must register and identify themselves as First-Timers sponsored by an Alumni Recruiter. The Alumni Recruiter MUST BE MENTIONED BY NAME. No exceptions. If the recruiters name is not mentioned to the registrar or noted on the registration form, NO REWARD WILL BE GIVEN. A reward will be given to ONLY ONE person. Mentioning multiple people does not qualify.

LIMIT: This Rewards offer will conclude when the first THIRTY sponsored First-Timers are recruited and registered for MARS 2023 session.

RESTRICTIONS: An individual Alumni Sponsor may earn a maximum of FIFTEEN $100 rewards.

Reward money will be presented to qualifying MARS Alumni Sponsors of First-Timers during the week of the 2023 session.

DEADLINE:The MARS Alumni Rewards Program for 2023 will expire on April 1, 2023.


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