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NATURE - "the decisive moments"
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Do you want to develop a more creative way of seeing? Want to achieve more creative images of the natural landscape? In both classroom sessions and shooting in the field, Arizona based photographer, Ken Sklute., will show you how. Ken will teach you creative techniques and show you his tips and tricks in the field and in the classroom on how to create great night photographs, creative composition, and dramatic lighting and color in your images, to maximize the pictorial content. Ken's weeklong class at MARS will be ultra-informative, and help you grow photographically, to attain outstanding images. It will feed your spirit and satisfy your soul. Don't miss this class in 2022.

Ken Sklute
KEN SKLUTE is widely recognized as a photographer and instructor. He's been photographing the natural beauty of North America for over 30 years. Ken has a deep seated passion for chasing hurricanes, the Amish and their bucholic lifestyle, the serenity of the southwestern dessert, and the colorful magical nature of ballooning. His imagery is often the essence of 'the decisive moment', thought provocing and inspiring Ken has lectured and taught photography throughout the United States.


PORTRAITURE - "the Salient Image"
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Do you want to create stunning images that combine all the elements of greatness? Want to learn the secrets of what makes a great image great? In both the classroom studio, and on-location sessions, Florida based photographers, Kelly and Kalina Schneider, will show you how to make it happen. They will show you and teach you their concepts, lighting techniques, posing dynamics and composition, and the science behind making a great image. Kelly and Kalina's weeklong class at MARS will be an intense master class, and help you grow understand the ingedients to the creation process, to attain outstanding images time and again. This class will be a game changer. Do not miss your opportunity this May, 2022.

Kelly and Kalina Schneider
KELLY and KALINA SCHNEIDER are a married dynamic duo recognized for their ability to get you to understand.. He's been photographing around the world since his days in the US Navy, and Kalina, an amazing photographer in her own right, helped him launch their portrait and boudoir business . Kelly and Kalina have a passion for the business and want to do as much as they can to 'give back'. Their imagery is complex, provocative, dynamic and ultra sale-able. Kelly, who is finishing up his own book on "The Salient Image", and recognized as one of the top portrait photographers in the USA by WPE and MPI.

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EVENTS - "Sports, Dance, High School and more"
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Do you shoot sporting events or dance studios or proms or golf outings? Want to learn the secrets of killer marketing and great workflow, while maintianing an amazing profit margin? Florida based photographer, Jeff Gump, will show you how to put the pieces together to simplify, expedite and capitalize on the sales. He will show you and teach you his methods of marketing, ordering, capture, processing, and follow -up sales so that you work smart, not hard.. Jeff Gump's weeklong class at MARS will be an intense class on marketing, sales, and processing, not actual shooting. But the bottom line is, if you want to make money (and WHO doesn't), this is the way to go. Register now for this class in 2022.

Jeff Gump
JEFF GUMP is recognized as one of the foremost leaders in Event Photography. He's been in the business for decades, and knows a thing or two about mass marketing your photography for events of any kind. He has established a multi-million dollar business that is consistantly productive. . Jeff loves to share his knowledge of the business loves to teach, and want you to learn the ropes to make lots of money. This is not fine art photography. This is hi-volume, mass appeal, mass marketing goodness, designed for maximum throughput, and maximum dollar yield. . Jeff wants you to learn the ropes, and get on the 'gravy train'.


PORTRAITURE - "Maternity and Newborn"
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Do you photograph newborns and maternity sessions? Do you want to learn more about the genre? Well then THIS is THE class for you. California based photographer, Ana Brandt, will show you her take on creating amazing images that your clients can not resist. She will discuss her methods of capturing, her ideas for marketing and sales to give you ideas for making the magic. Ana Brandt's weeklong class at MARS will be an amazing journey to solidify your abilty to create outstanding images of maternity and newborns, expand your vison of the creation process, and make those much sought after images everyone will cherish. A weeklong class like this only comes around once in a while, and we are lucky to have Ana Brandt. Do not miss out. Sign up NOW..

Ana Brandt
ANA BRANDT is one of the most recognized names in the business. . She's got the most amazing presence on social media, with hundreds of thousands of followers. Her well establisged boutique business in Hollywood, counts celebrities among her clients.. Ana loves to share her knowledge of the business, and loves to teach.


PORTRAITURE - "the Illustrative Story"
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FREE (available to the FIRST 100 ATTENDEES only)     

Do you want to create provacative images that actually use the light to define the subject? Want to learn how to use 1,2,3 or more lights? In both the classroom studio, and on-location sessions, DC based photographer, Jonathan Thorpe, will show you how to create a dynamic mood. He will demonstrate and teach you his lighting techniques to make the most impressive images of your subject, while at the same time creating a narrative. Jonathan's weeklong class at MARS will be insightful, technical, and help you understand the process of creating images with emotion. This class will make your images come alive. Don't miss out. Sign up now for this coming this May.before it's too late.

Jonathan Thorpe
JONATHAN THORPE is a Washington DC photographer specializing in portraiture that defines a person... He's been photographing and teaching around the world. Jonathan's imagery is compelling, dynamic and endeavors to tell a narative of the subject.. Jonathan is a Tamron Image Master, and a Westcott Top Pro.

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