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Monday, FEBRUARY 18, 2019
NOTE special time of 12 NOON ET
"LIGHT,PIXELS,PRINT - the whole enchilada"
FREE (available to the FIRST 100 ATTENDEES only)     

The legendary Eddie Tapp will bring 45 years experience in photography to inform and inspire you. His wealth of knowledge in all facets of photography - including DSLR video, drones, and master printmaking - will keep you amazed. His encyclopedic knowledge of LR, PS and Pr is mindblowing. Eddie will challenge you to find, use, and shape light to be more creative. He will inspire you to see light, images and yourself in a whole new way.

Considered one of the most influential photographers and digital imagers of our time, Eddie Tapp possess multi-dimensionality as a visual communicator. His artistry encompasses all aspects of photography from the creation of a picture in the camera to finishing it in digital post production and its final realization as a fine print. He has also been inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame, and is an X-Rite Coloratti. As a member of PPA, Eddie, holds several of their degrees and awards of service. Additionally, his talents for creating and teaching the total visual image has earned him the recognition as a Canon Explorer of Light. Not only is Eddie known world-wide for his ability to create compelling images, but he's also known for his ability to communicate and teach the techniques.

Monday, MARCH 18, 2019 8 PM ET
"Classic, Fine Art Portraiture"
FREE (available to the FIRST 100 ATTENDEES only)     

Tim Kelly will present and illustrate his philosophy and the design dynamics that turn everyday studio portraits into a higher artistic achievement. Lighting and posing, wardrobe and background selection are always important ingredients to success, and Tim will show you how to do it right. Whether producing B&W or color, you will learn how to maneuver lighting, refine poses, and create dynamic composition without excessive digital art. This is a rare opportunity to be inspired by this legendary Master Artist.

Very few of photography's leaders remain relevant decade after decade. A professional photographer since 1968, Tim opened his first studio in Florida in 1974 and reached national stature in the 1980s as a master printer -- for his revolutionary lighting style, and for his large format, black and white children's portraiture. In 2015, Tim received the Helen K. Yancy Award from PPA for his influence on the industry. As an innovator, Tim was one of the first to introduce instant image viewing, in a pre-digital era. And, as an original Kodak Mentor, Tim Kelly is one of the only ones still supported. Tim has been profiled in many magazines and other industry publications, including numerous occasions in Professional Photographer. He is the author of multiple books, and seventeen DVDs. Tim has been featured on Photovision, and has been a platform speaker at Imaging USA a half dozen times, and has been on the main stage at other conventions close to a hundred times. He has received awards from all major photographic organizations, from National and SEPPA, is a Fellow of the ASP, and is the recipient of lifetime achievement awards from several organizations.

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