Class Requisites

In most cases, classes are open to all students, however some are more advanced than others, and may be noted on the course outline.

General Requisites
Remember, you will be in a class with people from all across the country who are just as eager to learn more. Please don't use the class time to learn a new software, computer or camera. Know your equipment, and how to use it, before enrolling in a class. You should be familiar with everything you will use to allow you, and everyone else, to get the most out of the class environment. Bring with you is an open mind, but please do not saddle the class with insensitive questions or other ways to keep the class from progressing. You have enrolled in a class to study with a particular instructor to incorporate new ideas and techniques to improve your skills. We all want to see you grow and improve, but not at the expense of everyone else in the class. If you feel you are not 'up to snuff', then get your basic photographic knowledge intact first, before progressing to a specific genre or more advanced class.

Mid-Atlantic Regional School of Professional Photography
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