Courses Overview

Your week at MARS will be an intense study program.

Classes are held in the hotel. Each instructor has his or her own designated, and distinct, classroom. Rooms are equipped with a projector, screen, and sound. Depending upon your instructor, and your course curriculum, your instructor may have a studio setup in the classroom, and/or may take equipment on location for various lighting techniques and demos. Some classes may have models..

Sunday evening, after school and hotel check-in, you will meet with your particular instructor in your designated classroom for a brief orientation and overview of the week.
Depending upon your particular instructor, genericly and generally, classes typically are from 8 am until 5 pm daily.**.
Friday you will 'tie-up loose ends' with a 2 hour morning session in your class from 8-10 am
** note- these times are guidelines and may change or be modified based on your instructors desire. Some classes, particularly the environmental classes, often head out much earlier and may stay out later..

Depending upon your instructor, your class may go on location within the hotel, outside the hotel, or to any one of the great places in the vicinity. Fellow students in your class are usually happy to carpool, so everyone can take advantage of some of the places that are not within walking distance.

IMPORTANT NOTE -Instructors and classes are encouraged to go on-location if the curriculum dictates. However, please keep in mind, there are designated times for meals. The hotel kitchen and staff works hard to prepare those meals at the designated times. But the kitchen and staff also need to cleanup and 'reset' for the next meal or function. You must attend during those times if you want to eat your included meal. so be mindful of your time while 'out-and-about'. Understand that if you arrive after the designated end time for a particular meal, you will not be served.


Mid-Atlantic Regional School of Professional Photography
a PPA Community Network School for continuing education in all aspects of photography