Bryan Welsh

"Developing the Essential Skills
to Thrive in Photography,
Business and Life"

Learning to solve several age-old marketing, sales, and business strategy riddles is critical to your business success. During this program, Bryan will guide you toward finding and working with your ideal client so you can unlock your business in a way that thrives.
We spend considerable energy developing our Lighting, Posing, and Photography skills, but do we also spend the time we need on our essential business skills? If you need to take your business to the next level, spend the week in a deep dive developed to deliver the tools you need to get to the top of your business game.

You'll learn -
  • How to position your business as the desired choice in a crowded marke
  • How to interact with potential clients with ease
  • How to become a key person in your business community
  • How to develop customer loyalty
  • How to move clients through the process that meets their needs
  • How to shorten the process of going from Inspiration to having results through Implementation

Students should bring:
  • An appetite for learning
  • A willingness to work through key concepts
  • Questions
  • and a lot of energy.

class level - ALL
ALL-INCLUSIVE price...ONLY $1,549

Mid-Atlantic Regional School of Professional Photography
a PPA Community Network School for continuing education in all aspects of photography