Sandra Pearce

"Painting with Photoshop"

We all want our business to grow and prosper. Sandra will explain how to turn your photography into beautiful art pieces. The difference between traditional art and digital art are vast and varied. But there is one common link - the knowledge and skill needed to create true art, regardless of the medium. Not only does Sandra Pearce have a working knowledge of traditional and computer based art, she has experience teaching each form as well. She realizes most photographers are already comfortable with the tools used in Photoshop, enabling them to concentrate on the techniques of painting rather than learning a new program. Photoshop is a great program and once you learn the different tools and how they work, a new world will open. You'll learn ;ayers, the mixer brush, different uses for the Airbrush, how to extract images for painting,painting styles, as well as the financial aspects of selling your work. Sandra has been an artist for over 20 years, and can teach you the tools and techniques to be one too. Don't miss it!

You'll learn -
  • how to set up your tools to be more effective.
  • how to find the various uses for the Paint Brush
  • how to become proficient with the Mixer Brush
  • how to employ the various uses of the Smudge Brush.
  • to explore all the different painting modes
  • lots of secret short cuts and things that will make you a better artist.

Students should bring:
  • computer
  • Photoshop
  • power cord
  • Wacom or other kind of tablet with drivers installed
  • images to paint if you get ahead of the class
  • a great spirit and willingness to learn

class level - ALL
ALL-INCLUSIVE price...ONLY $1,499

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