Michael Joseph

"Getting Unleashed with MJ"

This class represents a huge opportunity to spend almost an entire week and nearly 40 hours of class time with a premier, award winning portrait photographer that's been specializing in families and their pets for over 30 years. MJ will be sharing, like an open book, all he possibly can give of his knowledge, talent and experience in this specialized area of photography. You'll go back home with a boatload of practical information, from the beginning of a portrait session to the very end... marketing, booking, shooting, selling, retouching, finishing... right up to delivering your work! And as an awesome bonus, MJ will be unleashing his secret weapon, his better half.. wife and partner, KJ. She'll be on hand, because after all, she's been the one wearing most of the hats and her perspective on many aspects of the business will be invaluable! Pets and people portraiture, a unique "first" for MARS.

You'll learn -
  • his Top 10 Secrets & Essential Tips when photographing people and their pets... in detail.
  • Essential gear for in-studio and on-location photography and how to use them.
  • MJ's live demo with models both indoors and out.
  • Attendees will have opportunity for hands-on photography of live models.
  • Marketing and in-person sales, pricing & specialty items that really sell.
  • Image workflow... from processing & editing, to retouching & delivering.

Students should bring:
  • camera
  • lenses
  • laptop

class level - ALL
ALL-INCLUSIVE price...ONLY $1,549

Mid-Atlantic Regional School of Professional Photography
a PPA Community Network School for continuing education in all aspects of photography