Michele Celentano

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Michele Celentano, an Arizona based photographer, is a much sought after instructor. Her love of the craft and educational expertise has made her an industry name. In this class you'll understand why family portraits are one of the most profitable genres of professional photography.

Family portraits can also be a daunting task The fear of posing groups of people can ofter strike fear into the hearts and minds of most photographers. If you want to improve your family portrait photography this is the class for you.

Michele is a hands on instructor that will make you work. Posing is a hands on experience - you can watch posing all day long but until you are forced to pose groups of every size over and over again it will never become second nature to you. This class will focus on posing, posing and more posing. You will learn to pose groups of 2 to 100 using standing poses, sitting on the ground, arm chairs, armless chairs, posing props and more.

After you learn to perfect your posing skills we will dive into growing your portrait business from marketing, pricing, products, sales, customer service, and post production. Get your seat and strap yourself in because this is a high intensity, fast moving class.

To see more of her work, visit www.michelecelentano.com.

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