Special Events for MARS 2020

Your week at the school is an extraordinary learning experience. In addition to your days full of instruction, additional hours are filled with extracurricular activities.

Attend a pre-convention mini-course. We've pushed these back a little to start later, so more of you can partake. But arrive early for the best seat. These TWO HOUR "BONUS PROGRAMS" will hopefully provide inspiration, get you ready for the week ahead, and give you more bang for your buck!

First time students are invited to an orientation to answer any questions, tour the facility and get in a special 'Frosh' picture. Get your registration material, student handbook, and check into you room.

Then everyone is invited to our opening night "Blast Off" featuring a rooftop cocktail happy hour overlooking the ocean, a delectable dinner reception inside, and a fantastically indulgent dessert station. What better way to kick off the week, meet new friends and get re-acquainted with old ones!
Afterwards, meet in your respective class for a couple of hours with your instructor for a preliminary "get-together".

Also, you'll want to register to take part in a photo shoot-out we call the Cape May Challenge.
Winning entries for this juried contest will win prizes and be recognized at the Wrap Party on Thursday.

Get up early and look for a great sunrise, then get to class for an intense day of learning. In the afternoon, we'll try to get a giant group shot of all those in attendance. After a fantastic dinner, take advantage of some 'free time' to do a sunset shoot (weather permitting), explore the city of Cape May, walk the beaches, shop, or hang out with friends at the pool.

In the morning, get up early and take part in a schoolwide Sunrise Photo shoot (weather permitting), with the amazing talent of one of our instructors. Later this day, dinner in the Penthouse is a casual food-station settup we call PUB NIGHT. Make business and friendship connections, while you enjoy an array of desserts, refreshments and cocktails while you 'talk shop' with colleagues.
And stick around because there might be a bonus mini spot by a vendor or instructor!

After dinner, you'll have time to do a sunset shoot (weather permitting), explore the area, go for a swim, shop, or hang out with friends in Hemingway's Lounge.

In the morning please join us for a school sponsored Alumni Breakfast. Advance ticket price is only $25. Proceeds benefit the school scholarship fund. The price of admission includes a full sit-down breakfast, a mini program by one of our instructors, and the chance to win a $500 Scholarship for a return visit to MARS in 2021. In the afternoon, you're 'on your own'-- do a sunset shoot, have some fun, take your instructor out to dinner, close the hotel lounge : ). It's entirely up to you.

In the evening, join in the fun as the week culminates with our legendary "Wrap Party". This themed soiree is a blast, so don't be shy, get dressed up and have some fun. A cocktail happy hour in the Penthouse, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, followed by a sumptuous dinner in the decorated Ballroom, is the grand finale to your week of learning. Refreshing drinks, amazing food, terrific music, dancing, entertainment, awards and a video re-cap of the week highlight the evening.

After a couple of hours with your instructor to tie up loose ends, everyone in the school is invited to our Farewell Brunch. Say goodbye to friends, and instructors, and prepare for the trip back home.

Mid-Atlantic Regional School of Professional Photography
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