John Pacetti & Martin Tremarco

Longing to take your photo skills to a whole new level, both technically and creatively? Want to learn how to use all the different means to capturing a great photograph - f-stop,shutter speed, program, auto, & manual exposures? Then this is the class for you. This is a week of learning the photographic "why's" and "how's" to get you on the road to better images. Do you need to brush up on the basics? Maybe you're very new to the photography world and just can't get a handle on some of the terms and concepts. Possibly a little afraid to admit you need the basics? Maybe you want to soak up all the knowledge you can. Martin Tremarco and John Pacetti will team up to provide you with fundamental photography concepts, or a "brush up" on what you already know to solidify your knowledge of the basics. This class will help you become familiar with the interaction between: ISO, shutter speed, & F-stop. You'll explore how each affects the other, and how changes in each affect the 'look' of your image. You'll work with perspective and discover how perspective can affect image presentation. You'll also review depth-of-field and understand how it can change the dynamics of an image. Shutter and aperture priority will be and how best to use each of them. John and Martin will review fixed vs. zoom lenses, finding the light, on-camera vs. off-camera flash, basic posing and lighting patterns, rule of thirds, sunny 16 rule and more. There will be lots of practice throughout the week.

If you think you're not ready or 'up-to-snuff', read these LETTERS by two skeptical, but now proud, students.

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Students should bring:
  • camera
  • lens(es)
  • flash
  • laptop (optional)
  • an open mind and lots of questions
class level - ALL

(ALL-INCLUSIVE PRICE regularly $1,399)
HOWEVER students who sign up for this class will be issued an additional entry level $200 DISCOUNT on their ALL-INCLUSIVE PRICE.
That's ONLY $1199 for EVERYTHING!!
(hotel room for the week, meals, instruction, parties, extracurricular activities,EVERYTHING!)

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