Jonathan Thorpe

"The Illustrated Vision"

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Creating images that are evocative and gripping, yet done iin such a way as to maintain reality, is the core of this class. Join TAMRON "Image Master", JOMATHAN THORPE, for a week-long photographic journey of storytelling magic, where you'll learn technique and vision to create powerful and dynamic images. This Washington D.C. photographer teaches and lectures around the world helping other photographers grow confident in their ability to create and light subjects in a way that is compelling. This class will teach you how to use lighting, not only to light your subject, but in a way to influence a narrative and create mood. Starting with 1 light and moving up to at least 4, we'll create a scene that's highly dynamic and narrative in nature. This class will show you the technical skills necessary to light and direct a narrative story to capture a portrait that evokes emotion, all while maintaining a level of verisimilitude. If you're ready to take your portrait making skills from 'ho-hum' to 'oh-wow', then do not miss this chance.

You'll learn how to -
  • see the light
  • create the best visual impact

Students should bring:
  • camera
  • lenses

class level - ALL
ALL-INCLUSIVE price...ONLY $1,499

Mid-Atlantic Regional School of Professional Photography
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