Tony Sweet

ENVIRO-ART - "Creative Outdoor Photography"

Creating images that are non-traditional, and environmentally-centric is the core of this class. Join Nikon "Legend Behind the Lens", Tony Sweet, for a week long photographic jaunt through the immediate area, the surrounding areas, and other off-the-beaten-path locations. For this unique and special class, you will be out at sunrise and at sunset, with class time in between (and of course breaks and meals!). During the field sessions, you'll be searching for creative compositions, landscapes, waterscapes, long exposures, abstracts, and architecture. Tony will be around to help and suggest ideas to tighten up your technique and vision to create powerful and dynamic images. During the class session, there will be in-depth critiques and software tips, tricks, and techniques. Spend a week hanging out with the legendary TONY SWEET, as he explains his concepts, ideas, techniques and observational artistry so you, too, can create gorgeous, soulful works of Environmental Art.

You'll learn how to -
  • see the light
  • reckognize dynamic composition
  • work with your camera and lens for best effect
  • use long exposure times
  • use filters
  • see color for best visual impact
  • work with software and plug-ins

TONY will share his visual perspective and decades of experience, so you can explore new territory and ideas, get an edge to your creativity, and learn to see the world with new eyes. Be prepared for real early mornings, and some late nights, but lots of inspirational moments of clarity in this workshop. Don't miss your chance to study up-close and personal with a true legend.

Students should bring:
  • appropriate clothing. (dress in layers. It can be quite windy and chilly)
  • energy bars and water
  • backpack or shoulder bag (pulling a rolling bag across sand can be trying)
  • camera
  • lenses from wide angle (20-24mm for ex.) to telephoto (70-200mm for ex.)
  • filters
  • tripod
  • laptop
  • jump drive

class level - ALL
ALL-INCLUSIVE price...ONLY $1,499

Mid-Atlantic Regional School of Professional Photography
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