Marilyn Sholin

Marilyn Sholin, a North Carolina artist and Alumna of MARS, teaches all over the country. Her expertise and artistic ability has made her a much sought after instructor. Marilyn's art has been published, and articles about her work have been featured in magazines, books, posters, greeting cards, and gift items. Her fine art prints are exhibited in private and corporate collections throughout the United States and Europe.

In this class, you will join Corel Painter Master Elite, Marilyn Sholin, to learn the latest version of Corel Painter and take it further with acrylic paints. Marilyn will have you up painting fast and take you on a fun and artistic journey from portraits to landscapes and beyond to textures and how to create some fun effects with Corel Painter and other software to mix in the creativity.

We will be covering PORTRAITS and interesting new brushes to create backgrounds of a variety of types. Clone painting and Quick Clone painting new ways to use them and how to organize your workflow better. Multiple ways to paint hair, skin and eyes to create different styles. Adding depth and brushstrokes to your paintings both with and without textures. How to use them effectively. Using PAPER with which brushes to create textures without using overlays. Lesson on BRUSHES in depth what each setting means and how to tweak your brushes to make them do more. Let's do some ABSTRACT paintings to clear our heads from everything. From the basics to abstracts and the best practices for both of them. Color Coordination for them and a set of brushes for them.

ALL NEW from the master painter, plus the groundwork of her previous lessons that so many artists use every day to do their paintings. If you thought you couldn't "paint" you are wrong. Marilyn can barely doodle a stick figure but painting a photograph into a piece of art is a joy once you learn the software and the easy way Marilyn has of teaching you.

The last day of school we will be working with wet paints, and learning how to paint on the printed canvas. You will also have a collection of samples of all the materials we use and you will learn more about colors, color mixing and matching. How to add textures to your paintings with acrylics and much more!

To see more of her work, visit Marilyn Sholin FB.

Students should bring:
  • laptop
  • creative ideas
  • an open mind

class level - ALL

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