Lou Freeman

ARTISTIC PORTRAITURE - "Your Images and the Encaustic Process"

In this hands on "combo" workshop, you'll be working with models and still life sets to discover the process of "making visually stimulating pictures" followed by creating "one-of-a-kind photographic works of art". You'll begin by developing a creative eye - concepts, lighting, styling, & posing. Then cap it off with a two day tasty dip in the encaustic process. Photo encaustic fuses a print to a harder substrate, and though applications of hot beeswax, resin, pigments, non-organic collaging, fabric, and magazine or newspaper clippings, you'll develop a multi-layered look of texture and color to create one of a kind works of art - perfect for portraits, still life, and landscapes. Lou will guide you through the entire process in an easy to understand method so you'll develop your own personal style as a photographic artist. Spend a week with industry pioneer LOU FREEMAN, as she teaches you technical and artistic techniques that will turn your images into something extraordinary.

You'll learn how to -
  • develop a creative eye
  • understand photographic concepts
  • construct and implement creative lighting
  • direct set and subject styling
  • 'posing' techniques for animate and inanimate subjects
  • create original works of art using the Photo Encaustic Process
  • intensify your own style

LOU will share her amazing talent as a photographer and artist, with you so you can explore new and different ways to take your photography to a new place. This unique class will be fun, creative and very enjoyable, while offering a new and more "Visceral Quality" to photographic prints. This will be an exciting workshop, and your opportunity to study with an inspirational pioneer and industry maven.

Students should bring:
  • camera
  • Lenses
  • laptop
  • cards, portable jump or hard drive
  • Any organic collaging materials you may want to add to the Encaustic Process- fabric, magazine cut outs, newspaper clippings photographic images, your own written words, poems, or letters on paper
  • packing materials to pack art to return home

class level - ALL*
*NOTE-it is important that you know a full understanding of your camera, your lens,
understand f-stop and shutter speed, have used and embrace and utilized Adobe Lightroom and or Photoshop,
have some retouching skills as well as have worked with SD and CF cards, card readers
and have a clear understanding of various file types.

ALL-INCLUSIVE price...ONLY $1,499

Mid-Atlantic Regional School of Professional Photography
a PPA Affiliate school for continuing education in all aspects of photography