Ellen Denuto

"Ever present, the photographer is witness to the world's beauty - pain, injustice and triumph creating a visual journal of our time." -Ellen Denuto

There is beauty surrounding us if we simply pause and take notice. Throughout the day, light and shadow shapes the landscape and everything in it. Each fallen leaf, abandoned toy, or empty chair, has a story waiting to be told.

In this class, we will learn to explore the variety of 'things' and 'places' available to us - the beautiful in the mundane, the idyllic in the urban, the sublime in the menial. An ofttimes rare opportunity for you, the photographer, to stop and notice the world around you, where ordinary things become extraordinary, when given the chance to be noticed.

This workshop will give you the permission to detach, unplug and simply be present to feel the raw power of the world we live in. Allow yourself to get out of your comfort zone. Students are encouraged to think less and see more, shooting objects they are drawn to intuitively. Composing the image in the viewfinder as they wish it to be seen honestly, without the need for excessive cropping, editing or post-production work.

Seeing and understanding light, and how to expose for, and capture it as it changes, are key elements and will be thoroughly covered. We will discuss and explore how to create dramatic images using the three primary functions of exposure for the best results, but we will also welcome serendipitous and unexpected mistakes. Understanding the elements and principals of design and composition, and camera controls, we will create image from these elements to begin finding your voice.

By the end of the week, students will notice they have chosen subjects and captured photographs that have come together as a cohesive body of work which begins to illustrate and narrate their own story.

To see more of her work, visit www.ellen-denuto.com.

Students should bring:
  • Camera
  • laptop or iPad or tablet to be able to review work during the week and edit before final presentations

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