Kelly Schneider

"The Salient Portrait"
how to achieve compelling images.

Want to know how to photograph poignant, eye-catching images?

In this intense, full day workshop, Kelly will cover the critical elements that define a "Salient Image" (an image that makes an impact).

From scene selection to the most important element of light, he will touch on the things you need to know to recognize and achieve a compelling portrait. Kelly will discuss and demonstrate proper lighting approaches to ensure the 'Flow of Light' is applied to generate the "salient" image

You'll also learn how to;

  • light the subject for maximum effectiveness
  • pose subjects for best look
  • use leading lines for better composition
  • choose the best lens for the job
  • frame your subject to enhance overall look
  • consider depth of field to target viewer eye
  • combine all elements to make the image "in camera" as close to perfect as possible
This workshop will be immersive, and 'hands-on', covering indoor and outdoor lighting (weather permitting) and will include the use of models and props. Participants will have an opportunity to shoot (so bring your cameras!) to ensure the theory and knowledge provided during the lecture portion is immediately applied and practiced.

Attendees will walk away with actual useable and repeatable skills that can be applied in future work and photographic assignments.



Kelly was born and raised in Coronado California and then moved to Gresham, Oregon. He remained there until he joined the US Navy in 1980, where he served for 29 years. During that time, Kelly traveled the world. After visiting137 countries, he became aware of his passion for photography and "capturing" the life around him. In 2010, Kelly began his pursuit of professional portraiture. Along with his wife Kalina (also a gifted photographer and active PPA member/MDPPA member), they started the family photography business focusing on weddings and portraiture/boudoir.

Kelly strongly believes in constantly learning. He invests in himself by attending 2-3 learning workshops/events each year. Additionally, he is passionate about teaching others, and is currently writing his first book on "The Salient Portrait - the science behind it and how to achieve it". Over the past few years, Kelly and Kalina has been hosting workshops both in the US and in Europe.

Kelly and wife Kalina live in the Washington DC area with their five children


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