David Akoubian

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Join David Akoubian, professional nature photographer and Tamron Image Master, for an entire week learning about nature photography in general, as well as details of specific genres. David will discuss all the different aspects of photographing nature - from close up and macro photography to long-range birds in flight.

This course is a combination of classroom and field study. David will explain and demonstrate the techniques that will improve your macro work. He will also discuss and demonstrate how to capture beautiful scenery, birds and other wildlife by selecting the proper lens and camera settings to achieve the most successful opportunities of creating a beautiful photograph, including birds in flight. Learn how simple field techniques can make a difference in your images. As a trained and skilled fine art painter, David uses a lot of the same principals of composition from the art world in his photographic images, and will explain those concepts to you. He will discuss how arranging the elements within the image through lens selection, angle of view and how light effects a scene, to create successful landscape images.

David will also spend time teaching you the best ways to scout and pack for traveling to new places for photography trips. He'll explain some of the essential gear and accessories that all nature photographers should carry. For photographers working in the field as their office, David will also give you insight into what works and what doesn't work.

And lastly, if you have considered using your nature photography as a means for an income, David will critique your imagery, and discuss marketing opportunities that exist for you.

If you are into nature photography, this is a class you don't want to miss!

To see more of his work, visit www.bearwoodsphotography.com.

Students should bring:
  • Camera
  • variety of lenses from wide angle to telephoto for wildlife
  • macro lens if you own one
  • Tripod

class level - ALL
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